Software Development Academy. The path to the IT world.

The Software Development Academy, a company leading people into the programming language world, is announcing its results on the Romanian market, along with some impressive insights coming from a thorough study they performed on several markets. Being the biggest programming academy in the Central-Eastern Europe, the company is proud to release the numbers: 81% of the graduates find a job during the following 3 months after graduation, 4500 students have trusted them since 2014, they work with 1800 actual students, 600 trainers are able to facilitate learning. Moreover, the Software Development Academy is present in 27 cities, in 8 countries across Europe, being close to any strategic location for IT development.


The company has entered the Romanian market at the beginning of 2018 and launched 30 courses so far, planning to bring on a wide range new ones. Currently, the Software Development Academy is present in 5 cities in Romania – Bucharest, Iași, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara & Oradea, gathering a fulfilling number of no less than 450 graduates.


Whether one is in search of changing the career path and takes the challenge of learning a programming language from scratch or a company needs to upgrade the skills of its professionals, the Software Development Academy offers a wide range of courses to meet both B2C or B2B approaches.


The Romanian market mainly centered on Java, Javascript. The local market has a balanced request for junior and seniors, both being around 50% in the recruiters’ searches. The salary is close to the cost of living and the average offered by IT companies is around 25.000 EUR / year. 4% of the entire population is the percentage of people employed in the IT sector. The universities that generate the highest numbers of graduates are Babeș Bolyai and Politehnica. The biggest IT centers are located in Bucharest, Cluj and Iași.


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