Goa, India – An exotic destination, now accessible to Romanians

This week, an event promoting Goa, India, as an exquisite tourism destination has taken place in  Bucharest, offering the guests a hint about the carnival traditional dance moments, the exquisite  food and the top places to visit once a travel reaches the destination.


Goa Tourism has been hosting road shows in the country and across the world, for over 15 years.
The purpose of the road show in each country visited is to promote Goa as a year-round holiday destination and encourage travelers to visit this exotic touristic destination.


The main organizer of the Road Show is Goa Tourism. Two officials – Ganesh Teli, Assistant  Director, Goa Tourism & Bharat Chodankar, Manager, Goa Tourism Development Corporation – came to Bucharest for an interactive session of question and answers about travelling to Goa and  the assets that this wonderful destination has to offer to the travelers from Romania.


Goa Tourism presented its beaches, hinterland, new offering and services like hot air balloon, motorized paragliding, heritage e-bike tours, cruises, scuba diving and many other exciting  activities. Goa has a long coastline with great beaches, delicious cuisine and an amazing nightlife.


According to the statements made by the two officials, Romania has some great benefits among  which can be named being included on the E-visa list last year joining 150 countries in total, valid  driver license and a good flight connectivity. Goa Tourism has also unveiled its main objective of  raising the number of tourists ten times by the end of 2020.


The officials encourage people to visit Goa throughout the entire year and to enjoy its beauty.  Goa is a land of amazing contrasts. In fact, it is home for the maximum number of contrasts  packed in the smallest geographical area of 3700-odd square kilometers. Contrasts of tangible  and intangible heritage, of human endeavor and natural wonders, of music and stillness.


No other place in the world lets you discover so many worlds in the space of a few hours: outside  you and inside you! Flanked by the Arabian Sea on the West and the imposing Sahyadri  mountains on the East, the Goan landscape rises from the sea-level to a towering 1022 meters.  Several rivers criss-cross the state and add to its natural beauty.


For more details, please access: https://www.goa-tourism.com/