Mega Mall and creative moms in need

When we support a cause, we do it thoroughly! Dr. Lorelei Nassar, from 24/7 Dental, has invited us to join the work she does with moms and kids which are included in the programs launched by ACSIS. For those who don’t know, ACSIS is an association which brings moms in need together and which helps them by offering them a part-time job. But it’s not just a job, it is a creative one, which involves doing toys. These wonderful toys are sold and the funds are distributed by the association in order to keep spinning the wheel and to continue their programs. In partnership with 24/7 Dental, Manufaktura by Doncafe and Anda Dimitriu (the singer), we have done a charity concert in the biggest mall in Bucharest – Mega Mall. The association sold almost all the toys and they collected money for their people. Sounds great, huh? You can write to them to order your toy!