Arval Safety Week 2017

Arval Safety Week, the annual campaign focusing on driving safety, has reached its eighth edition in Romania. As a tradition, the campaign envisages the effort of the company to change the driving behaviour and to make all drivers adhere to a new attitude in the spirit of prevention.


Dedicated to safety during holidays, this year’s campaign actively supports travel lovers by providing them ten essential tips that they should consider for an incident-free journey.


Safety on the road is one of the most critical issues in the society we live in and inappropriate driving behaviour has an immediate impact on the occurrence of automotive incidents. Therefore, Arval believes that road safety policies must be part of the organizational culture and that companies need to move to the next level, prevention rather than managing the situations that had already happened. For Arval, to inspire the others, from employees to their partners, customers and also its digital community, in the spirit of preventive driving is a continuous desideratum.


10 Essential Rules for the travel loving drivers


  1. Check your car before leaving
  2. Prepare a safety kit
  3. Don’t overload the car
  4. Plan routes ahead
  5. Take a break every 2 hours
  6. Use the seat belt
  7. Protect the young ones
  8. Avoid boredom and tiredness
  9. Inform yourself ahead
  10. Be a responsible driver