Agribusiness event: Conference for the Growth of Your Farm

A new event dedicated to farmers entered the agricultural schedule of this season. Under the title of “Conference for the Growth of Your Farm”, there are presented a series of solutions for increasing profitability in agriculture.


The event, supported by a famous name in Romanian agriculture, Monsanto, brings together entities that continuously invest in research and development so as to innovate and present the best solutions to farmers on the local market.


VitalFields, SiloMeter, are the top three players who bring lecturers at the event. The Dekalb® team joins them, offering a product from which any lucrative harvest begins: the seed.


Bogdan Chirvăsuță, Technical Consultant for VitalFields, talks about how the potential of a farm can be amplified, if one moves from notebook to tablet. Farmers can use the VitalFields application to make any record of any work done on the farm (from complex processes such as soil preparation to stock updates for certain materials). “Imagine that the technologies you have now are as complex as those on the board of an airplane. With their help you can successfully “pilot” a farm, ” says Chirvăsuță.


More, Cezar Nourescu, Founder of SiloMeter și Arendaș.ro, complements the solutions offered by VitalFields through an intelligent mobile phone silos automation system developed together with automation, warehouse and IT specialists. streamlines product cooling from silos, eliminates problems like condensation and reduces product moisture / weight loss, power consumption, etc. By better preserving the product, the farmer can sell it when the price is better, maximizing profitability.


Gabriel Razi, Founder and Editor at develops an analysis of the local context of agricultural business. He speaks about risk management in the 2017-2018 season, presenting a series of strategic information about the Romanian market, in order to facilitate a better understanding of how farmers can take their business to the next level.


The event’s agenda

  • Monsanto Romania zonal representatives – Dekalb Rape seed Hybrid Portfolio
  • Bogdan Chirvăsuță – Technical Consultant VitalFields – From Notebook to Tablet. How do I amplify the potential of my farm?
  • Cezar Nourescu – Founder com și Arendaș.ro – How to significantly reduce your losses by controlling the silo on your mobile phone
  • Gabriel Razi – Editor and Founder – Managing agro-economic risk for Romanian farmers in the 2017-2018 season


The “Conference for the Growth Your Farm ” event covers six strategic points on the Romanian agricultural map: Arad, Iași, Craiova, Slobozia, Constanța and Timișoara.


About VitalFields


VitalFields is a digital agricultural company owned by Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of Monsanto Company. It provides farmers with digital farm management systems so that they can plan, manage and analyze their field activities, including simplifying the tracking and reporting of all farm products used on the farm to comply with EU environmental standards. Established in 2011 and based in Tallinn, Estonia, VitalFields is present in seven European countries: Austria, Estonia, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Ukraine and Romania. For more information, visit


About SiloMeter is a successful AgroTech project, voted the best start-up of 2016 in Romania, with great potential for international scaling. Since the first quarter of its launch, has gone from idea to execution and created its first prototypes, earning its first paid customers. Currently, the customer network is constantly expanding and more and more of farmers are enjoying modern equipment and the benefits of monitoring and controlling the silo using any mobile phone: from temperature monitoring and aeration automation to preventing condensation.


About is an innovative start-up founded in 2015, positioning itself as an independent source of relevant information on the agricultural raw materials market in Romania. provides specialized content for the local market, whether it is news, analyzes, specialized reports or specific studies. generates market information, fundamental developments and analyzes corporate and agricultural policy strategies. The publication relies on data force, indicators defining the evolution of each agricultural market and dedicated to maintaining information symmetry between Romanian farmers and global agricultural raw materials markets.


About Monsanto


Monsanto is committed to bringing a wide range of solutions to help feed a growing population. We produce fruit, vegetable and other important field crops such as corn, soybeans, cotton, which help farmers get better crops, making better use of water and other important natural resources. We work to find sustainable soil health solutions, to help farmers use statistical data to improve agricultural practices and conserve natural resources, but also to provide crop protection products that minimize pest problems. We are partners with farmers, researchers, nonprofits and universities to address some of the world’s greatest challenges. To find out more about Monsanto, about our commitment and about our 20,000 employees, please visit:,, Follow us on Twitter® at, on the company’s blog, Beyond the Rows®,  on or subscribe News Release RSS Feed.