Arval Safety Week campaign named Best Social Media Initiative at Arval Global Network

2017 was a busy year, filled with great projects and challenges. One of our dearest projects was the Safety Week campaign by Arval Romania (part of BNP Paribas Group), a prevention driving campaign that was awarded with the Best Social Media Initiative trophy during the annual Arval Global Network.


Driving safely is one of the most important rules any driver should follow. Not only it keeps you safe, but it also creates good traffic etiquette for other drivers to follow, it makes the trip more enjoyable and will help, in the long run, to increase the life span of your car.


These are some reasons why Arval Romania, part of BNP Paribas and the leader in the operational leasing market, considers safety behind the wheel to be number one priority for any responsible driver. The company started Arval Safety Week a few years back, an annual campaign that promotes safe driving, through which the company is trying to change the reckless driving behavior and educate the driver in the prevention spirit.


Last year’s campaign was organized with the help of our agency and it was about keeping safe while travelling during the holiday period. The campaign was called “Safety on vacation” and it followed 10 rules for a safer driving, such as: prepare a safety kit for the road, take 2 hours break, be a responsible driver or protect the children. Our agency together with Arval created written and visual content for the company’s social media accounts, according to the campaign core.


The campaign was very well received both by the Arval community (clients, partners, fans), but also inside the Arval company, as it was awarded with Best Social Media Initiative – Communication Trophy during the annual Arval Global Network.


We are proud that we were part of this project and that the Arval Romanian page was so rapidly recognized as an example among the Arval community.