Are you wondering what career path to choose for yourself? IT is the solution for many university graduates

The IT industry is currently expanding in Romania, according to recent studies in the field. As per the HR specialists, the profile of a candidate who enters the field consists in having some initial skills to succeed in this fast-growing industry, a creativity and a flair for numbers and the enthusiasm of learning programming language.


For recent graduates from a school with a mathematical or technical profile, the choice of IT industry may seem like a formality, as most of them have already encountered coding and performing tasks similar to those carried out by a programmer. However, if you the technical knowledge needs an upgrade, there is a place where people learn programming – Software Development Academy. Graduates with an inclination to humanist sciences or who have a more artistic flair are also welcome. They proved to be able to become programmers and compare their skills to more technical people.


“Many of us have been wondering for years looking for the right place for ourselves. Not everyone knows what they want to do after graduation. There are many options on the market but it is not easy to choose the right one, so we would like to introduce you to the IT industry and the programming profession so that you can easily decide whether it is something that suits you and will give you professional accomplishment.” Costin Alexandru, Country Manager SDA.


SDA has gained some learning over time, after preparing almost 5000 graduates in Europe – when it comes to IT and programming the most important skills which it requires are the analytical skills, curiosity, attention to detail, problem-solving skills, logical thinking, the ability to think outside the box, a great amount of patience and preciseness. Surely more than one person who calls oneself a humanist has such skills. As for the ability to go beyond the scheme and thinking outside the box, this is the domain of people with a certain dose of artistic creativity. Therefore, everyone can definitely take the career path of the IT industry and become a programmer. It is also worth noting that the ability to create unconventional solutions, which are created by combining open mind and creativity, is an extraordinary advantage. After all, programming is really about creating things, which you have to imagine first.


Java is the most preferable programming language in corporations and large companies, it is also a well-developed language, which has been evolving for many years and has great documentation and a wide community of users, which will make it easier for you to get into it and obtain any help in case of any questions


Python, a quite complex language, is very easy to learn. It is characterized by a minimalist core syntax with basic commands and simple semantics. It is also a very popular language so you can quickly find a stable job when you learn this programming language.


The choice is belonging to the one looking forward to enter the IT world and it’s really just a very tiny fraction of what IT programs have to offer. Recruiters state that being a programmer, apart from other motivating benefits, is all about freedom, the ability to solve interesting problems and create things.


It is believed that the IT industry is changing very quickly and that artificial intelligence can affect the labor market, but nothing can replace creativity, unconventional ideas, passion, engagement and the desire to create cool things.