A new Romanian brand on the international bio products market: Petras Bio

This month we had the chance to organize a great event – the Romanian brand Petras Bio relaunched their natural, organic and healthy products under a new image and in a new wrap. Their new line includes different types of pasta – with carrot, basil, red beet, wheat, spinach or hemp – but also crackers with spicy carrots, beet, hemp or sesame and cookies with lemon, orange or cocoa with fruits.

The event took place at Commons, the new hot spot in the center of Bucharest, both a friendly joint work space and event location. Our guests enjoyed a tasting session of the products – raw-vegan crackers with spicy carrots and beet and cookies with lemon and orange, healthy 100% natural juices and a great photo session at our personalized photo boot. Afterwards, we all learned the beautiful and interesting story of Petras Bio told by the speakers – Indira Abdulvoap, Marius Gabor and Katherina Haeni. In the end, we got the chance to taste some amazing pasta made by Jesica Zamfir, the winner of the Romanian Masterchef competition (2014 edition). Thank you all for being there for us, cheers to eating and feeling healthy!

Petras Bio is a 100% Romanian brand that was officially launched under its own name both locally and internationally. Created at Deva, an old fortress with roots in Romanian history, in a Romanian workroom, the Petras Bio products are made of ecologic ingredients that are carefully chosen and grown in clean ground, with water, air and sun. All products are raw and bio, respecting the principles of these two and have European certified qualities.