We have recently started a new collaboration with a lovely talented artist – Annamaria Matusewicz – who is now creating our artsy visuals.

Focusing also on the perceived feelings, she not only draws what she sees but also tries to represent a deeper feeling. The subsequent experience gathered in archaeology and history further boosted her curiosity to explore the background that is behind every human action or thought ahead of a creation.Since childhood she was passionate to understand everything surrounded her. The best way of doing so was to observe all accurately and elaborate every single detail by drawing.

The focus of Annamaria’s art, originated from this research of a profounder meaning, is establishing an authentic connection between the artwork and the viewer.


With this uncommon background, she has facilitated a workshop where we could all immerse ourselves into the creation process, understanding better some aspects of analysing and delivering an artwork, asking ourselves questions that we wouldn’t normally ask.

The workshop was built around the question of how would you release your creativity and create something you could not even imagine?

Sometimes we just have to get back to basics with a general rule of thumb:


Observe every single detail, Process what you saw and Create by producing a unique result with your distinctive touch combined with the clear message you want to communicate.

It may seem difficult but it’s a very intuitive concept. Start observing whatever surrounds you. It can be a flower, a person, a cat, even a pencil.

What is the shape? What colours do you see? What are the shades of it? What is the movement? How do you feel about it?

Familiarize yourself with the context. Establish a connection.


Perhaps, going back to basics is all about rediscovering new perspectives and seeing beyond our reality which inspires us to produce new ideas and innovative experiences.


Learning how to see things makes us understand better what and who surrounds us.

We’ll suddenly discover completely new facets and details.


We truly believe it’s the simplicity of those details that makes the difference.


Our team had its own learnings on this:

“It felt like a very nice trip into a museum. We missed beauty so much these times, that it felt great to see it delivered on our desktops. Even online, it was a great experience.” (Valeria)

“It made us attentive about simple, but effective means of improving our skills and worked as a team-building as well. Creating things together really generates communion” (Viviana)