The latest news about VitalFields

VitalFields, the digital application for farmers, has been very active last year, with plenty of activations and activities that aim to raise awareness on the importance digital technologies have in how we perform our work, with a focus on farm management.


Among the activities VitalFields implemented in the past year, the most highlighted was the series of events dedicated to farmers all over Romania – Conference for the growth of your farm, that took place in 6 Romanian cities: Arad, Iași, Craiova, Slobozia, Constanța and Galați. Focused on the offline audience, but distributing the knowledge live on their Facebook page and important Romanian agricultural Facebook groups, the presence of the VitalFields company at these conferences aimed to raise awareness of the importance digital technologies have in the farm, teach farmers how to work efficiently and make better use of their resources and also help them have a better overview of their work.


These conferences helped VitalFields raise awareness both on the brand and on its beliefs among their most important target: farmers. As they try to cover all channels, they also invested in a comprehensive study on how Romanian and other countries in Europe perceive and use digital technologies for their farm activities. This is actually one of the few studies that show the behavior and attitude towards technology for Romanian farmers. The study showed that 75% of Romanian farmers use the smartphone on a daily basis, but only 17% of them use a dedicated application for farm management. The study can help VitalFields understand how Romanian farmers act and perceive technology so they can design the application further and ease their access and use for it.


Also, on the online scene, VitalFields paired up with Agricultura Românească, one of the largest Romanian groups on Facebook dedicated to farmers and those passionated about agriculture, in order to promote their latest offer – 3 months money back guarantee for all farmers that first install the application in February.